Garage Invoice – Invoicing Software

Invoice Customers Faster

Wow your customers with professional looking invoices that take only seconds to create and use more time to focus on generating new revenue for your business.

  • Professional Invoices – with your business logo and address
  • Recurring Invoices – charge customers regularly
  • Customers Notifications – email and text messages
  • Track All Invoices – paid, unpaid, partially paid and overdue
  • Online Payments – let your customers pay their invoices online


Record Payments Faster

Efficiently record payments against invoices. Accept partial payments with cash, credit/debit cards, bank transfers or set up your custom payment mode.

  • Manual Payments – set and accept custom, manual payments
  • Online Payments – let your customers pay their invoices online
  • Customers Notifications – email and text messages
  • Track All Payments – run reports and check outstanding balance
  • Split Payments – partial payments with different payment modes


Track Expenses with Ease

Easily log and organize expenses in Garage Invoice to track every pound spent so you’re always ready for tax time. Create recurring expenses, attach receipts.

  • Recurring Expenses – set up repeating expenses (e.g. rent cost)
  • Attach Receipts – upload receipts and keep it organized
  • Customer Expenses – easily bill your Customer for expenses
  • Track All Expenses – sort, search, run reports and stay in control
  • Expense Category – personalize and group expenses accordingly


Smart Vehicle Management

Store unlimited vehicle records. Manage individuals and whole fleets (b2b). Assign more than one vehicle to customer. Include mileage, MOTs and notes for each vehicle.

  • Easy Search – search by reg plate no, customer or even invoice line
  • Manage Individuals – mots, mileage, easy invoicing and quoting
  • Manage Businesses – assign more vehicles to same customer
  • Customer Notifications – mark vehicles as in progress or finished
  • Upload pictures/videos – for customers, when work is completed


Closely Manage Customers

Add unlimited customers records with their address and telephone. Create custom groups and add customer contacts to easily send email notifications.

  • Advanced Search – search by company name, contact or vehicle
  • Customer Statements – easily send Customer statements
  • Customer Expenses – bill your Customer for expenses
  • Customer Reports – run Customer reports and stay in control
  • Customer Portal – allow Customers to access their invoices, vehicles etc.


Effective Appointments System

Schedule and manage appointments for each Customer. Send automatic email or text message reminders. Set up appointment types (e.g. MOT, service, repairs etc.)

  • Flexible Appointments – set your days and hours
  • Custom Reminders – send email and text message reminders
  • Online Booking – allow your customers to book online
  • Appointment Types – set up custom appointment types
  • Calendar Integration – view scheduled appointments on calendar


Create Effective Quotes

Create professional estimates and send them to your customers for approval. Once approved (signed with e-signature) by customer, transform them to invoices.

  • Turn Estimates to Invoices – once they are accepted by customer
  • Send Estimates – send via email for review and approval
  • Taxes and Discounts – add custom taxes and discounts
  • Track All Estimates – get notified when accepted online by customers
  • Reports – search, sort and view approved and expired quotes


Simple Financial Reports

We make it easy to know exactly how well your business is performing. Run sales, expenses and order reports to know overall business performance.

  • Invoice Reports – get detailed invoice reports with tax rates and payment methods
  • Payments Report – check your payments’ status against each invoice
  • Customer Expenses – customer reports with statements that can be viewed and emailed
  • Expenses Report – summary of all your expenses
  • Product Reports – low stock, bestsellers and quantities reports