Templates Updates Updates

29.11.2021 – Camaro Template

  • Fixed CSS style issue related to logo in the header
  • Fixed the problem with inputs line-height on Safari 10
  • Some other CSS styles improvements

17.10.2021 – Website Builder


  • Add Outline Panel to easily see the structure of your page and move things around
  • Icon Picker: various enhancements including live search and recently used icons section
  • Menu Module: Add responsive dropdown styles
  • Menu Module: Now has styling options for sub-menu link colours and the responsive toggle, also new option to have a logo in the centre of the menu, new option to add search to the menu


  • Button Group Module: Add width for the horizontal layout
  • Content Slider Module: Make Button Padding Responsive
  • Content Slider: Add Background Overlay option for individual slides
  • Columns: Now have custom position available for backgrounds
  • Columns: Make width field available even for Single Columns
  • Add icons for border, border radius, padding, and margin labels
  • List Module: Update icon and move List items section to the top of the first tab

Bug Fixes:

  • Make sure content panel icons for modules are all the same size
  • Menu Module: Fix fly out menu being visible while builder is active
  • Icon Module: Fix alignment issues when using multiple modules to create a group of icons
  • Icon Module: Fix screen reader text being visible when it should not, in some cases
  • Text Editor Module: Fix strong/bold tag styling ignored when font weight is set in module
  • Content Slider: Fix mobile image alt tag being empty when using slide content layout
  • Slideshow Module: Fix tweet button visibility and issues with icon alignment